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WebActionHero is a state of the art enterprise action management system delivering enhanced accountability, interactive visibility and team collaboration.

Enterprise Project Management Software

Interactive Visibility with WebActionHero

Dive into project data with ease using WebActionHero's powerful reporting and analytics tools.

Project management dashboard

Create custom forms using ActionForms

Easily build a collection of WebActionHero form templates that you can share across all of the projects in your enterprise.

Project action forms

Create your own customizable workflows

Use WebActionHero's Workflow Editor to build customizable workflow templates, manage timelines and assign project responsibilities.

Project workflow management

Maximize project efficiency and ensure best practices in governance, regulatory compliance and risk management.

WebActionHero Offers...

Risk Management Software

We know managing your project risk is mission critical. Effective risk management and mitigation is built into the foundation of WebActionHero's functionality.

Industry Compliance

Projects must transparently manage regulatory compliance issues. WebActonHero allows regulator auditors full visibility and provides live status reporting.

Collaboration Software

Silo's limit the true performance of project teams. Empower your team to effectively collaborate and mitigate risks within your mission critical activities.

WebActionHero works with Oracle Primavera

What people are saying:

"WebActionHero was implemented to help us track action items relating to the safety management system. With WebActionHero, we are now able to easily track the status of items, get reminders so that actions do not get lost in time and persons are more accountable for closing out of assigned actions. We are happy with WebactionHero" - Senior Process Engineer -
Yara Pilbara
"WebActionHero has put order to what was a very chaotic deficiencies resolution process in our office. The software is easy to use and easy to learn, and has freed up time in my day as a result. WebActionHero's comprehensive reporting features have been incredibly useful in resolving issues with contractors and allowing me to see the big picture, and the search functions have helped me identify trending problems quickly. We have also been especially pleased with the speedy response to any of our problems or concerns - the technical support we receive from WebActionHero staff is exceptional, and any changes we request are always promptly put in place. Thank you, WebActionHero!" - Sarah Button, Development Officer -
Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation
"WebActionHero is an amazing action tracking resource. I created my own site audit and inspection forms and use them regularly. Even better, I can build and assign any resulting actions as I'm filling out my form. WebActionHero has also saved me several headaches by letting me see what's going on within my projects without having to pester colleagues for updates. If follow up is needed on a particular action, I can keep communications organized and tidy...thanks WebActionHero!" Geoffrey Martin, Senior Electrical Engineer - Ranger Electrical Consultants

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Project Management Software

WebActionHero is a web based project management tool, that provides a variety of unique features to increase oversight and efficiency, including: form builder with "quick action" functionality, a workflow management software engine, migration of action spreadsheets converted automatically into action workflows, discussion walls and inmail. These features and others allow for a robust project management software tool. WebActionHero allows integration with Oracle Primavera P6 so you can link project activity action status to the P6 project plan. It has complete flexibility for editing of corrective actions and workflow management, including task reassignment, parallel workflow, multiple actions per workflow and advanced user privileges.

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SOX Compliance

WebActionHero is designed for industries operating in highly regulated environments, ensuring SOX Compliance. Many industries face more regulatory and audit pressures due to major events occurring in their operating sector. The Sarbanes Oxley financial reporting regulations introduced after the corporate financial scandals in 2000 and 2001 (eg. Enron, Tyco, Worldcom) is an example of a gradual change in mindset with respect to government regulatory oversight of industries. Our product is built to ensure visibility and accountability for SOX driven regulatory compliance issues that businesses struggle to manage and communicate.

BOEMRE Compliance

More recently, Deep Water Horizon disaster has prompted the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) to make adoption of API RP 75, Safety and Environment Management System (SEMS) a mandatory requirement for all operators in the US offshore continental shelf. BOEMRE requires all operators conduct independent third party (I3P) audits of their facilities based on their SEMS program within 2 years of Nov, 2011 and every three years thereafter. Adherence to SEMS requires operators to conduct regular hazard analysis of their operations and report to BOEMRE as part of their audit programs. WebActionHero makes audit reports and corrective action tracking from such activities simple and allows users to include regulators to view audit status reports, resulting in true transparency and adherence.

Our Story

The approach used by WebActionHero allows for unparalleled project performance, as it was conceived and initially designed to address the complex project activity to track and close out: HAZOP corrective actions. To accomplish this, we made our product the superior tool for ensuring project performance no matter what stage it is at. We utilized the comprehensive experience and knowledge of our founder, a project risk engineer and applied that tacit understanding using our talented development team. We ensured robust and diligent features were provided, such as: full team collaboration on all actions, revision control of all action workflows; secure sign off of action resolutions approvals and verifications, full audit trail for any modifications to an action or workflow, action prioritizing based on risk and risk profile reporting. By providing such features as part of the product foundation we have built a robust product with several additional complimentary features, such as integration with Oracle Primavera. With these features, a complete accurate picture will surface of your organization's risk profile and status at all levels within your project, at the corporate level, and within interested third parties such as auditors, regulators clients and vendors. Many project teams still use ineffective and inefficient systems for conducting internal audits, hazard assessments, risk assessments and managing the resulting project risk. This is an unacceptable business practice given the consequences of poor execution and the recognized need for and benefits of improved risk management. You need only look at the events that led to the Deep Water Horizon disaster to realize the need for more integrity in the management of project risk.

In addition to the obvious benefits of WebActionHero noted above it is applied on projects that require teams to assemble and manage technical actions generated from many other project activities that generate corrective actions that impact project risk profile, including: HAZID, HAZOP, 3D model review, construction audits, risk assessments, punch lists, interface management agreements, compliance audits, engineering queries, change requests, minutes of meetings and many, many more. WebActionHero does all that and more by allowing clients, vendors and other key interface groups to be included in your approval workflows, with all able to collaborate work from the same centralized risk register.

Corrective Action Plan

WebActionHero is built to ensure corrective action plans are addressed using project collaboration, with oversight and visibility at all levels of your project. WebActionHero allows effective management of corrective actions of all types (including audits and risk assessments) within your project by locking in your best practice business processes. Most tools simply use multiple spreadsheets, each manually tracking a different aspect of your project. WebActionHero takes the generation of corrective action plans to a new level by allowing team collaboration while enforcing accountability of actions through use of custom workflows built to map your business processes. We allow users to easily determine the status of their tasks allowing lean project management. Managers can effectively oversee those who have been tasked to address certain actions and use internal messaging or the discussion wall to engage with team members on corrective action plans.

Risk Management Best Practices and Continuous Improvement

High performance organizations seek to progressively identify best practices for risk management for project activities and thereafter roll them out to their other projects for continuous improvement. As your team prepares for upcoming risk assessments, hazard analysis, regulatory audits or internal audits, you seek to get ahead of the curve and not get caught without a robust tool to manage your corrective actions.WebActionHero allows you to implement business process best practices for project activities you consider critical to the success of your project, allowing you to easily manage and report your corrective actions. Once you have created these best practices, improve and reapply these across your other projects. You can enhance integrity and compliance across your organization while introducing a corrective action or risk register database that can be shown to outside auditors, insurers or legal discovery teams if required. Be the WebActionHero for your project and regulatory needs.

Data Migration

All project actions must reside in a secure yet accessible central register. We allow seamless data migration from your current spreadsheets into your WebActionHero account.

Document Review

Sending documents for review via email is a common yet inefficient business process. WebActionHero allows users to securely issue, review and comment on project documents with a full audit record.

Industry Benefits

WebActionHero is exceedingly complementary for project organizations that manage new projects or existing facilities and must navigate successfully in highly regulated industries. Close

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